Posted by Vanessa Blanchard on 16th May 2015

7 Reasons to Buy Real Christmas Wreaths

Fresh Christmas Wreaths for Sale

Real Christmas wreaths have the advantage over artificial ones in more ways than you might think. A natural wreath looks better than its plastic counterparts, true, but the charm in real wreaths is that they are so much more than simply a decoration. They are symbols of craftsmanship, community and tradition, of thoughtfulness and love. So, before you break out that dusty, misshapen wreath from former years, consider these 7 reasons why a real wreath is a better choice.

1. The Smell

Nothing beats the rush of evergreen that greets your nostrils when you open a box with a real wreath inside. You’ll be transported to Christmases past, with Balsam trees freshly decorated and that old excitement will arise again. The holidays are here.

2. The Tradition 

Wreath making is a longstanding industry in Maine. It’s estimated that we supply about 90 percent of the world’s real Christmas wreaths. It is an industry built on hard work, sustainable practices and community cooperation.

How to Make Christmas Wreaths

3. They are Handmade 

Not just handmade, Maine made. The boughs are cut from branches by hand as part of a tree-friendly pruning practice known as tipping. The pine cones and reindeer moss are gathered from the woods as well, and the acorns. They are brought in, turned into wreath embellishments and then fitted to freshly bundled wreaths. All of this done by people who pay great attention to detail and have their hands on everything.

4. You Support Local Industry 

We rely on local industry quite heavily, and it is honestly a point of great pride for many in this marvelous state. We provide lumber, lobster, blueberries and so much more to the entire globe. Everyone works alongside each other to make a living, as they have for generations.

5. They Are High Quality 

Because tipping cannot occur until certain weather and tree dormancy conditions are met, branches are bundled into wreaths as soon as they are gathered. This means they arrive at their freshest, greenest and most fragrant. Each wreath is full and luxurious because high quality handmade is the way life should be.

Real Christmas Wreaths Are So Amazing

6. They Make Amazing Gifts 

Being both high quality and handmade make them thoughtful, personal presents for pretty much anyone. Their aroma, their lush greenery and hand placed embellishments make classy, traditional decor that perfect the atmosphere of any house or holiday gathering. Plus, they come in the mail which leads us to our last reason real Christmas wreaths are so amazing.

7. Mail is Fun 

Getting packages in the mail holds its own kind of glory. To see your name on a box that has been delivered to your house is to behold a treasure on the verge of discovery. It isn’t a bill, or junk mail for the people who used to live in your house, it’s the arrival of a parcel of joy.

By buying a real wreath this holiday, you support good people who mindfully use their resources to pay their bills during the long winters. Your Christmas wreath will become more than home decor -- it will become a part of the holiday experience.