Terms & Privacy Policy

We don’t have a lot of legal disclaimers to put here that require a magnifying glass or a PhD to understand, and none of them involve your first-born (except maybe the last one), but here are a few of our policies that we think you should know about:
  • Privacy Policy: We respect your privacy and will never sell or share your personal information or email address with anyone. Ever. That’s just not the business we’re in, and I think we all have more spam than we know what to do with. When you provide us with your email address you will receive order updates and other communication pertaining to your order from us and only us via email. If you also indicated that you were interested in receiving special offers you may also receive email newsletters containing special offers, decorating tips and ideas, and other interesting bits of info. There may even be some photos of our cute pups if you're lucky! If you ever want us to stop, just unsubscribe and you’ll never hear from us again! We’ll miss you, but you know what they say: If you love something, let it go…

  • Payment: We charge credit cards at the time the order is placed to ensure that we have enough materials on hand to make the perfect wreath for you. If payment is made by check, money order or other non-electronic means, the order will be completed after the payment clears the bank. Please don't send cash... it's a security thing. If your check is returned to us due to insufficient funds, that costs us time and money and we pass that cost on to you in the form of a $25 returned check fee – that’s only fair, right?

  • Refunds/Returns and Cancellations: We generally do not provide refunds for orders once they’ve been shipped, but there are some reasonable exceptions at our discretion. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your product, let us know within 7 days of receipt and we’ll send a replacement. If your wreath arrives damaged, please follow the instructions on the FedEx website HERE to file a damage claim. Then call us and let us know so we can send a replacement. If you accidentally placed your order one night while sleepwalking and you catch it before it goes out, we understand. Let us know and we’ll cancel the order – we’ve all been there, right?

  • Damages
    Claims for damaged items must be reported to the carrier within 24 hours of  receipt of shipment. After notifying the carrier, hold on to all  merchandise, packing material and containers, as the carrier may need to inspect the damage being claimed. If carrier approves the damages, Harbor Farm will issue you a refund for the approved damage amount, usually in the manner the payment was received.

  • Liability
    Harbor Farm Evergreens shall in no event bear any liability for defects in or damage to products, person or property in or in connection with which Harbor Farm Evergreens products are used, down time of any machines or equipment, production delay or stoppages, shipping delays or cancellations, loss of business or profits or any incidental or consequential damages or losses, what so ever.

  • Shipping
    Standard shipping is via UPS Ground. The transit time map provided on the Shipping page is for informational purposes only, and UPS does not guarantee delivery transit times to any address within the 48 continental states on standard ground shipments. Guaranteed delivery is available for an additional charge.

  • Kids:
    They’ll put just about anything in their mouths at least once, won't they? Sticks, bugs, shiny trinkets... even that shriveled up grape that rolled under the couch some time last spring. Because of that, please keep in mind that some of the decorations on our products are small and could present a choking hazard to small children (or really anyone for that matter, so get that out of your mouth). They’re securely attached, but few things can withstand the determination of a curious toddler. Also, our chestnuts aren’t the kind that you roast on an open fire, so don’t try it - THEY'RE POISONOUS and really don't taste good.