How Long Will My Balsam Christmas Wreath Last?
That depends on several factors, primarily climate. Wreaths can last well into March in the northern states and in colder areas - some customers have sent us photos of their wreath outdoors with birds nesting in it and the family in their Easter best! In the warmer southern states, it may only last until January. Either way, if properly cared for, we guarantee that the wreath will at least last through the Holiday season. One thing that will surely shorten the life of the wreath is placing it between storm doors or in direct, unfiltered sunlight - you may as well put it in the oven! 
To help prolong the life and fragrance of your wreath, spritz it with water every day or so, especially on the back where the stems are. This also instantly makes the reindeer moss soft and fluffy (that's my favorite part)! Wreaths placed indoors are especially prone to drying, so be sure to spritz them daily. We include a care card with each wreath or centerpiece to help guide you or your recipient in getting the most out of your Harbor Farm wreath.

How Should I Hang My Christmas Wreath?
Each wreath has a wire loop on the back with a tag to make it easier to find. Your wreath can be hung on a nail or screw using this loop, or it can be hung directly on the metal frame of the wreath, depending on how you want it to sit. You can also use any wreath hanger to hang it from your door, but we recommend placing a piece of tape or plastic wrap on the back of the hanger to prevent scratches to the surface. If you don't already have one, you can add a high quality brass, silver or green enameled wreath hanger to your order for only $5.

Where Do You Get Your Evergreens?
Balsam fir is one of the most fragrant of the evergreens, and we're fortunate to be one of only a handful of states lucky enough to be blessed with this lush and fragrant evergreen. Our balsam fir boughs, as well as the spruce, cedar and pine are all harvested by hand from the local woods of Maine by independent farmers and brushers who live in the area, not imported from Canada like many larger wreath factories. This helps to sustain our small community, and because the boughs are selected by the people who live here and care about their natural ecosystem, it helps to ensure that the harvesting is done carefully, thoughtfully and most of all, sustainably. 

When Will My Wreath Arrive?
If you place your order online, you can select the delivery week for each recipient. We aim for delivery on the Wednesday of the week you select to allow for a day or so variance in either direction. You can order at any time during the year, and your order will be held until the date you select. It's never too early to get your Christmas shopping done! If it's important that the wreath arrives on a specific date, give us a call and we can try to get it to you at that time. FedEx does not offer guaranteed delivery dates for ground shipments, so to some extent transit time depends on them. FedEx does offer guaranteed delivery services for an additional charge, so again, give us a call and we can make those arrangements. 

I Can't Wait to See My Wreath - Where is My Order?
If you provided your email address, we'll send you an e-mail with your tracking number as soon as it has been shipped and you can follow it all along the way at . If you didn't receive your tracking email you can log on to your account and find the tracking number and order status in the order details section. If you're still having trouble with tracking or need any further assistance, call us toll free at 855-770-7193 and we'll help you out!

I want to Order a Large Quantity of Wreaths. How Many Can I order?
You can order as many as you wish - we're up for it! Because ordering a large quantity can be a considerable expense, we can make arrangements to send you a sample to help assure you that your investment is a good one, and your friends, family or colleagues will be getting the quality you expect. If you intend to order 25 or more wreaths, give us a call and we can make it happen. We also have a white glove service for corporate gifts that allows you to quickly and easily give us your gift list and we take care of the rest, soup to nuts, even including your own card or branding so you can get back to doing what you do best. Visit our Business Gifts page for more information.

I want something bigger than what you offer. Can I order a giant wreath?
Sure thing! We can make wreaths up to 48" wide, or even larger. We'll need a little extra time for that though, so if you anticipate wanting something of that magnitude, call us at least a couple of weeks in advance please. 

Will I Have to Pay Sales Tax?
Most of our customers will not have to pay sales tax. Only products that are shipped within Maine will incur sales tax. That means if you live in Maine, but you have us ship the wreath out of state, you will not have to pay tax. However, if you live outside of Maine but the wreath is delivered to someone in Maine, you will have to pay tax. Orders are taxed on a per-item basis, so if you order multiple items shipped to different states, only the items delivered to Maine will be taxed, not your entire order. The current Maine sales tax rate is 5.5%.