How long do fresh Christmas wreaths and evergreen products last?
We guarantee that when properly cared for, your wreath will last through the holidays, but precisely how long depends on several factors, primarily climate. Wreaths can last well into March in the northern states and in colder areas. In the warmer southern states, it may only last until January. Even after the balsam dries out, it will still likely stay green and beautiful for a long time, sometimes for several months, but they won't be as soft, pliable and fresh feeling. To extend the freshness of your wreaths, spray the cut ends on the back of the wreath with water every few days. Wreaths placed indoors are especially prone to drying, so be sure to spritz them often. For centerpieces, it’s important to add 1/2 to 1 cup of water to the tray every few days to keep the greens from drying out. We include care instructions with each product to help guide you or your recipient in getting the most out of your Harbor Farm wreath.

What is the most fragrant Christmas wreath?

Balsam is the most fragrant of all the evergreens. It's native to Maine and the northeastern part of the United States and parts of Canada. We make all of our wreaths with Balsam Fir. Our mixed evergreen items also include White Pine, and Cedar. Balsam is the most popular choice for real Christmas trees because of its strong fragrance and long lasting, deep green needles.


How are your items packaged?
All of our products are packaged in a festive red gift box. We put our fresh products in a bag to hold in the moisture and cover it in tissue paper and top with a gift card with your personal message. It's a very impressive presentation and the bag ensures optimal freshness.

How do I keep my Christmas wreath and evergreens smelling fresh?
The best thing you can do is keep your fresh wreath or evergreen item outside, but not in direct sunlight. If kept inside, keep away from heat sources and never put a live wreath behind a storm door. Like real Christmas trees, the fragrance will fade over time. When this happens, it’s helpful to “scrunch up” some of the foliage, crush a few of the needles, etc to release more of the oils that give Balsam Fir it’s wonderful scent. It’s helpful, but not necessary, to spritz the cut ends with water every few days for optimal freshness. 


When will my order be delivered?

When you add items to your cart, you’ll be prompted to select one of four weeks when you would like your items to ARRIVE, beginning with the week of Thanksgiving. You can order at any time during the year, and your wreath will be made fresh to order and will arrive when you requested. It's never too early to get your Christmas shopping done! The actual ship date will vary based on where it’s being delivered. We typically aim to have them arrive in the early part of the week you select, but due to weather delays and delays on the part of UPS beyond our control, we can't guarantee it will arrive on a specific date. If you need your products to be delivered BY a certain date, for a wedding or other event for instance, and aren’t sure if they’ll make it, contact us and we’ll make sure you have your wreaths by the time you need them. 


Can I include a gift message?
Yes! All of our products include a beautiful seasonal gift card with your gift message printed on it. 

Can I send items to multiple addresses in one order?
Yes! You will be able to select a different address for each item in your cart once you are in the checkout page. When asked to enter a shipping address, select "ship to multiple addresses" and that will allow you to select a different shipping address for each item. Learn how here.


How does your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee work?
All of our products are hand-made fresh to order and we’re confident you or your gift recipient will love it. If, for any reason, you don't love your Harbor Farm evergreen product for any reason at all, or it’s damaged in shipping, we will immediately send a new one or give you a full refund. Just Contact Us and we'll make it right. 


Do your products include FREE SHIPPING?
Yes! All of the products include Free UPS Ground shipping to the contiguous US.


Do you offer international shipping?

Unfortunately, since our products are perishable, we no longer ship outside of the contiguous US. Many of the items we've sent outside of the contiguous US in past years have been caught up in customs due to it being a live plant and it can cause lengthy delays in arrival time. So, for this reason we no longer offer shipping outside of the contiguous US.


How Should I Hang My Christmas Wreath?
Each wreath has a wire loop on the back with a tag to make it easier to find. Your wreath can be hung on a nail or screw using this loop, or it can be hung directly by the metal frame of the wreath, depending on how you want it to sit. You can also use any wreath hanger to hang it from your door. If you don't already have one, you can add a high quality brass, silver or green enameled wreath hanger to your order for only $5.

Where Do You Get Your Evergreens?
Balsam fir is one of the most fragrant of the evergreens, and we're fortunate to be one of only a handful of states to be blessed with this lush and fragrant evergreen. Our balsam fir boughs, as well as the cedar and pine, are all harvested by hand from the local woods of Maine by independent farmers and brushers who live in the area, not imported from Canada like many larger wreath factories. When harvesting, only the 18” tips of the branches are removed, leaving the rest of the branch healthy and intact. This local sourcing helps to sustain our small community, and because the boughs are selected by the people who live here and care about their natural ecosystem, it helps to ensure that the harvesting is done carefully, thoughtfully and most of all, sustainably. 

I Can't Wait to See My Wreath - Where is My Order?
If you provided your email address, we'll send you an e-mail with your tracking number as soon as the shipment is processed. IMPORTANT: Early in the season, we create labels for many of our orders several days before they’re actually due to ship, so you may get a notification that your order has “shipped” a week or more before you expect it. Don’t worry – that does not mean that your wreath has actually shipped, or that it has even been made yet. If you track the package, you’ll see that it hasn’t been picked up yet. If you didn't receive your tracking email, log on to your account and find the tracking number and order status in the order details section. If you don’t have an account or you're still having trouble with tracking or need any further assistance, Contact Us and we'll help you out!

Do you accept returns?
We take great pride in our products, and each wreath and centerpiece is double-checked for quality and freshness, which is why we’re confident offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It’s rare, but occasionally one might slip through that doesn’t meet our standards or yours. If this happens, give us a call and we’ll make it right. Our number one goal is for 100% of our customers to be happy. Please do not ship unwanted or damaged wreaths back to us unless specifically asked to do so. We can’t reship returned wreaths. 

What if my fresh Christmas wreath arrives damaged?
UPS does a great job of getting our wreaths to the far reaches of the country in one piece and on time, but sometimes the boxes might get a little beat up on the outside. This seldom affects the product inside, but in the rare event that your wreath is damaged and can’t be straightened or repaired, let us know and we’ll immediately send out a replacement. We may ask for photos of the box and product in order to file a damage claim with UPS, but please do not return the damaged product to us unless we specifically ask. 

I want to Order a Large Quantity of Wreaths. How Do I Do That?
You can order as many as you wish - we're up for it! Whether you order one wreath or 500 wreaths, you get the same great quality and excellent customer experience with each one. We offer white glove service for large orders and corporate gifts to make ordering a breeze -  just give us your gift list in any format you wish and we take care of the rest, soup to nuts, even including your own card or branding so you can get back to doing what you do best. Visit our Business Gifts page for more information.


I received a beautiful wreath as a gift. How do I know who sent it?

Most people who send our products as a gift include a gift message, which will be found on a greeting card inside the box. In the event that they didn’t include a gift message, or they wrote something like “Merry Christmas from your favorite person in the whole world!” and you need a little more to go on, the shipping label will usually include “From:” followed by the sender’s name. If that’s missing or isn’t legible, or you still need help, Contact Us and we’ll be able to solve the mystery in no time.

Do you include an invoice or packing slip in the box?

Never. The majority of our items are sent to someone else as a gift, so by default we do not include an invoice or packing slip that shows the price or other sensitive order information. If you’re the customer and would like a copy of your invoice sent to you, just give us a shout and we’ll be happy to send one to you.

I LOVE my wreath! How do I tell the world about your amazing products?

We’re thrilled you love your fresh Harbor Farm Christmas wreath! You could try getting a ladder and shouting it from the rooftops, but a safer option would be to leave us a review, like us and follow us on FaceBook, and tell everyone you know! If you’d like some of our brochures to share with friends, family, or the people in your office, let us know and we’ll be happy to send you a stack for free!