Harbor Farm is a small, family owned company located in Downeast Maine, and we've been handcrafting high quality Balsam fresh and real Christmas wreaths and centerpieces since 1986, making us one of the oldest wreath companies in Maine. We still do it the old-fashioned way, and every Harbor Farm wreath is handmade by the local residents of the rocky Maine islands and coastal villages of the Penobscot region. All of the native pine cones, acorns, chestnuts, reindeer moss and of course, balsam fir are gathered by hand by local residents each year. Not only does this help to sustain our small community financially, but because the materials are gathered from the forests by the very people who live there, it ensures that the harvesting is done responsibly and sustainably. 

Maine is one of only a small handful of states blessed with the native Balsam fir tree (Abies balsamea), the most fragrant of the evergreens, which is why the finest and most fragrant wreaths money can buy come from here. Maine is a beautiful state, with rolling hills and mountains, verdant forests, breathtaking blueberry barrens dotted with glacial boulders and abundant wildlife like moose, fox, beaver, loons, bears, bald eagles and so much more. It also has a personality all its own, and it's easy to see why us 'Mainahs' are a close-knit community who take great pride in our gorgeous home state. 

As the owners of Harbor Farm, Mandi and I take great pride in our products, and even though sales are seasonal, the business runs year-round. We spend the off-season constantly brainstorming new ideas for our products and researching ways to bring even more value to everything we make. That doesn't mean it's all work and no play, though! Maine is an incredible home for outdoorsy folks like us, and we spend our winters sledding down our frozen, icy road and the summers exploring the woods, foraging wild mushrooms and kayaking and frolicking in the thousands of area lakes with our two golden retrievers, Mingo and Moby. Summer is also the time of year when our daughter Kaela, who attends college in San Antonio, TX comes to visit and the whole family is together - nothing makes me happier! Mandi is fabulously artistic, so when we aren't swimming or exploring, Mandi likes to get her hands dirty with ceramics and painting, while I enjoy turning wood and building all sorts of things. As splendid as the summers are, though, our favorite time of year is Christmas time. We get to see Kaela once again, and it's a joyous time of year when the air is buzzing with excitement and Christmas spirit. We like to think that our wreaths help add to that spirit for all the families who receive them. 

From Mandi and Me and the rest of the Harbor Farm family, we wish you and your family God's blessings, not only during Christmas time but all year 'round!

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