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Looking for a ‘WOW’ gift that is sure to impress?

We make our wreaths from Balsam Fir, the MOST FRAGRANT evergreen.
They’ll smell the wonderful fragrance before they even open the box!

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After hanging the same ol' "faux” wreaths forever, I decided to try fresh christmas wreaths this year and WOW! They were so vibrant and the smell was amazing. The quality was excellent too - I can’t believe I had those sad, “Charlie Brown” wreaths on my doors for so many years!

Great impression!

After buying wreaths for all of my clients (150+) from another company for years, a friend recommended I try Harbor Farm wreaths and I’m so glad I did. The difference in quality is like night and day, and several people commented on the “upgrade”. I couldn’t be more proud to give these as gifts. Thank you!!

Love the wreath!!

I got the blueberry wreath as a gift from my mom and it’s so BEAUTIFUL! It smells better than my Christmas tree too!

The best part of the season

I've been buying fresh christmas wreaths from Harbor Farm for over 20 years, and getting my wreath each year is the highlight of the Christmas season. To me it marks the start of the holidays, and it's a tradition I hope to pass down to my kids!

Stunning wreath, stellar service!

Hands down, these are the nicest fresh Christmas wreaths for sale, and their level of customer service is remarkable. I honestly can’t remember being more pleased with a company, keep up the good work!


Our wreaths stand out from the rest; they are fuller, more fragrant, and last longer because they are made fresh the day they ship using Maine Balsam Fir, the most fragrant of all the evergreens!

They are the fullest and freshest wreaths you’ll find in Maine. Our decorations are unique because we use reindeer moss, acorns,horse chestnuts, and pine cones from our woods and turn them into decorations. We use high quality ribbon for our hand-tied bows. We know your recipients will appreciate all of the little details that go into a Harbor Farm wreath. Contact us today!

Each wreath arrives in a
decorative red gift box delivered 
directly to the recipient's doorstep.

We'll include your personal gift
message. You can also include
your own branded materials.

Wreaths are a memorable gift
that will last the entire
holiday season.

Corporate customers enjoy our White Glove Service:

Dedicated Account Manager

Customers who order 25 or more wreaths enjoy the convenience and comfort of knowing that there's a real person taking care of their order every step of the way. They can consult with you to help you decide which items to order that will fit within your budget. They will also notify you when the wreaths have shipped and if you wish, give you status updates along the way. If there are any problems with the order or in delivery, they'll be able to promptly remedy any issues that may arise. And if you ever have any questions, you'll get the same person who knows you and your order every time.

Easy Ordering

Simply fill out the pre-formatted spreadsheet HERE and send it back to - we'll take it from there! That's it. Really. If you already have your recipients listed in a spreadsheet, word doc, or even the back of a napkin, no problem! Just send it over and we'll get it all formatted just right. If you prefer to call us instead with your order, we're always happy to take your call. 1-855-770-7193.

Address Verification

There's nothing like an address error to bring delivery to a screeching halt. Not only can it cause delays in delivery, or even result in undeliverable returns, it also wastes time and money to fix and nobody likes that! That's why we verify your recipients' addresses using a national NCOA database with advanced address correction services to make sure they're perfect. We'll check for any recipients who may have moved, identify misspellings or typos in the addresses and correct them, and verify the deliverability of the wreaths. Once we've formatted all of the addresses we'll send it back to you for your final approval.

Include Branded Materials

Include your business card, branded greeting card or other printed materials from your company to reinforce your company's brand.

Smiles All Around

Our customers love us, and receiving a fresh, fragrant balsam wreath from Harbor Farm puts a smile on everyone's face. And when your clients, colleagues or associates are happy, you're happy. And when you're happy, we're happy and that makes for a very Merry Christmas all around!

If you're interested in giving a gift that's unique and memorable this year, fill out the contact form HERE and we'll get back to you with more information. Of course, you're always welcome to give us a call any time as well - we're always here to help in any way we can!

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