Posted by Vanessa Blanchard on 15th Sep 2015

Rustic Christmas Table Centerpieces

Blueberry Centerpiece Putting together Christmas table centerpieces as part of your holiday decor is an exciting process.  The rustic styles of this collection bring out the sentimental tone …

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Posted by Vanessa Blanchard on 28th Aug 2015

The History of Evergreen Centerpieces

Finding the perfect centerpiece for your Christmas table is no easy task, nor is it a new one. The tradition of dressing up your table to impress your family and friends is an old one that dates …

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Posted by Vanessa Blanchard on 17th May 2015

Christmas Table Centerpiece Inspirations

Nothing ties a room together quite like a Christmas table centerpiece. Decorating for any occasion is an art form, an expression of the host that welcomes guests and sets the mood. A centerpiece …

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