Posted by Harbor Farm on 20th Jan 2023

​The Benefits of Choosing Balsam Fir for Your Fresh Christmas Wreath


When it comes to creating the perfect Fresh Christmas wreath, the type of evergreen used is just as important as the decorations. While there are many types of evergreens to choose from, none compare to the traditional and festive look of balsam fir. Not only does it offer a strong, pleasant aroma, but it also holds its needles longer than other types of evergreens, making for a wreath that lasts longer and maintains its shape. In this blog post, we'll explore the many benefits of choosing balsam fir for your Fresh Christmas wreath.


One of the most notable benefits of balsam fir is its strong, pleasant aroma. This evergreen is known for its distinctive, refreshing fragrance that evokes feelings of Christmas. Compared to other types of evergreens, balsam fir's fragrance is hard to beat. It's the perfect addition to any home during the holiday season and can enhance the overall Christmas experience.


Balsam fir is known for holding its needles longer than other types of evergreens. This means that a wreath made from balsam fir will last longer and maintain its shape. This is a significant benefit, as a wreath that looks fresh throughout the holiday season can be a real mood booster. Compared to other types of evergreens, balsam fir is a clear winner when it comes to needle retention and longevity.


Balsam fir offers a traditional, festive look that is hard to replicate. Its dark green needles create a classic Christmas look that is sure to impress. When it comes to appearance, balsam fir is a great choice for those looking for a traditional, festive wreath.

Care and Maintenance

Balsam fir is also easy to care for. It can be misted to keep it fresh and maintain its shape throughout the holiday season. Compared to other types of evergreens, balsam fir requires less maintenance, making it a great choice for those who want a low-maintenance wreath.


In conclusion, balsam fir is the perfect choice for a Christmas wreath. Its strong, pleasant aroma, needle retention, traditional and festive look, and low maintenance needs make it a clear winner. Next time you're in the market for a Christmas wreath, consider balsam fir for a traditional, fragrant, and long-lasting wreath.